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An Astringent Facial Mist Formulated to help Restore, Clarify and Tone Skin After Cleansing.

•No Preservatives
•All Natural
•Balances PH
•Chemical Free
•Not Tested on Animals
•Skin Types: Normal, Dry and Combination

A mild alcohol Free Toner that removes surface impurities without leaving skin fully stripped.

Rose Water: Hydrates and Provides a rejuvenated appearance. Helps provide an antioxidant boost that leaves skin fresh.

Rose Oil: Moisturizes and Replenishes.

Witch Hazel: A mild alcohol-free toner that cleanses and clarifies. A refreshing astringent.

Aloe Vera:  Replenishes, soothes, hydrates and protect the skin.

Can be used as a classic refreshing after bath mist with naturally fragrant rose essential oils to soothe the skin and uplift Sprits.  Tip: Keep in refrigerator, and spray on at times when you feel hot and flushed, Can be applied to scalp before washing hair.



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