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  • Tart Melts are hand-made of the finest fragrance oils. Use in any fragrance warmers, and experience a wonderful aroma in the home without flame, smoke and soot.
  • Packaged in Ziplock Plastic to maintain fragrance. Plus a Free sheer Organza Bag_Ready for Gifting
  • These delightful wax melts beautifully blend the essence of delicate white jasmine petals, exuding a floral elegance that enchants the air around you. As the fragrance unfolds, creamy vanilla notes emerge, creating a lusciously sweet and comforting aroma. Finally, a touch of soft musk adds a subtle depth, enriching the overall experience.
  • Melt only 5-7 pieces at a time in any candle or Electric Oil Warmer. Package holds approximately 97 pieces.
  • Works in Scentsy Warmers
  • Whether you use them to create a warm ambiance at home or to unwind in a tranquil atmosphere, these tart melts promise to transport you to a realm of pure serenity and bliss.

    Scoops of Mallow Melts are a great way to introduce this product to a friend or family member. It will make a great gift with any of our electric oil warmers or non-electric oil warmers. Scented Mallow Melts are hand-made highly scented candle potpourri melts in a variety of blends and single fragrances. These are for use in potpourri warmers or simmering pots to release a constant wonderful home fragrance. Simmering pots or potpourri warmers may be electric or powered by a tea light candle placed in the bottom chamber. Experience a wonderful aroma in the home with any of our fragrances without flame, smoke and soot. The look and colors are very appealing to delight the senses. And, for that reason can be used for any occasion party favors. Place a few pieces in an organza bag, a cello bag or tulle netting; tie with a ribbon and voila! The wax used is Soy blended

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